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The InspiRx Team is committed to providing the respiratory health community with innovative, unique products. Unlike current pediatric masks that are simply smaller versions of their empirically developed adult counterparts, SootherMask™ and InspiraMask™ have been developed using state of the art face recognition technology. The results of this unprecedented anthropometric analysis are exceptional: masks that optimize alignment, achieve a seal with minimal force and minimize dead space.

The SootherMask™ is our soft, flexible child-friendly mask that has a slot for the child’s own pacifier. It can be easily attached to the InspiraChamber® Valved Holding Chamber or the InspiraNeb™ Small Volume Jet Nebulizer to provide treatment while the child continues sucking on the pacifier. The mask accepts most pacifiers and provides rapid, efficient and relaxed delivery of pMDI aerosol treatment to children during normal breathing while they suck on the pacifier. The InspiraMask™ is similar to the SootherMask™and is designed for children who do not use pacifiers. Both masks are scientifically designed to gently follow facial contours, reduce medication leakage and provide an essential face mask seal. Additionally, they have a small dead space that allows for more effective treatment.

Both the SootherMask™ and the InspiraMask™ include a SealVision™ Visual Seal Indicator. This brightly colored valve is easily seen through its clear housing on top of the mask. It moves up and down to show caregivers that the mask is sealed to the face. A seal is essential for optimal delivery of pMDI medication to a child during normal breathing. SealVision™ visual seal indicator also directs exhaled medication away from the patient’s eyes and face to reduce adverse effects.